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    Jari Luoma, Area Director

    Tel. +358 500 666 867
    Wolffintie 36 F2
    65200 VAASA

 “Elcogen presents new generation of SOFC technology at the FC Expo in Tokyo”

“Unique patented technology - lower operating temperature”

“Highest energy conversion efficiency”

“Elcogen is nominated for the best European SME fuel cell success story”

“Elcogen was awarded with an Innovation Award by European Investment Bank (EIB)”

Here are a few sentences to describe the innovative and pioneering activities of Elcogen AS and its subsidiary Elcogen Oy in the development of fuel cell technology. Now the companies have moved to the next stage and are building facilities for starting production in Tallinn and the commercialization of the unique technology globally has begun. www.elcogen.com

Elcogen AS is looking for a

DIRECTOR, Manufacturing Engineering and Technology

  • To build and ramp-up the factory which has unique technology world-wide
  • To lead and manage cell and stack manufacturing capacity ramp-up
  • To define and manage task force for the project including internal engineering, quality and R&D teams and external consultants
  • To manage the processes with real estate developer (factory lay-out) and manufacturing equipment and automated line manufacturers

The company is at the very interesting stage of development and business growth will be significantly worldwide. We provide a responsible task where success requires an entrepreneurial attitude and strong participation in the management of the factory projects at all levels.

Helping us to succeed, you will have a great opportunity to achieve significant financial success yourself.

You have to be able to negotiate with international players and you have to know how to stick to schedules and agreements. You must know how to work in a cost-effective way. At the position you will report to the CEO of Elcogen AS. Your work will be in Tallinn.

You have:

  • Large scale manufacturing automation and ramp-up hands on experience
  • Experience in robotic assembly, manufacturing logistics and process automation
  • Knowledge and experience in related manufacturing equipment suppliers and manufacturers
  • Financial and budgeting skills
  • Successful project management experience
  • Appropriate education

At the personal level, you emphasize initiatives, analytics and determination. You act responsibly, systematically and purposefully. You recognize the overall picture and have a good supplier network. You believe in yourself and the success of our business.


  • Knowledge of manufacturing ceramic or multi-layered structural components
  • Versatile language skills

We offer opportunities:

  • To work on a unique and global project which will change the world
  • To be the leader and power player in this success
  • To achieve personal financial success through options or other incentives
  • To develop career internationally by managing global manufacturing processes

Leave your CV and short application with salary requirement as soon as possible, or no later than May 5th, 2019. The CV will show what you have achieved in the previous tasks. We will start interviews right away.

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