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    Carl-Johan Sandström, +358 40 524 2590

Maillefer is a provider of the widest wire, cable, pipe and tube production technology and services portfolio, and is recognized as a technology leader amongst the global wire, cable, pipe and tube manufacturers. The annual turnover of the Maillefer group is appr. 120 M€ and the expert organization includes nearly 300 employees worldwide. Our portfolio covers nearly 20 applications ranging from building wire to high voltage cables, irrigation and heating & plumbing, to special pipe applications. For curious and ambitious people Maillefer offers a perfect platform to grow.

Maillefer Extrusion Oy is now looking for an

Extrusion specialist, Wire & Cable

You will be responsible for supporting and leading development projects and process developments in the field of plastics processing. In this position you will actively participate in customer demonstrations and process tests.

Your main duties will include:
• Participating in the development and implementation of extrusion processes and conducting test campaigns
• Participating in customer demonstrations, tests and commissioning activities at customer premises
• Conducting studies and analysis of polymer flow in processing equipment by means of experiments and simulation (FEM)
• Providing internal and external support for extrusion process issues
• Understanding customer needs and expected developments
• Participating in the portfolio evolution and technical development
• Maintaining and extending a professional and technical knowledge base

To succeed in the position you need to have an academic education (M.Sc./Ph.D.) in the field of Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science or Polymer Processing with a minimum of five years of relevant experience. Specialization in applied plastics sciences is an advantage. You need to be familiar with FEM simulation tools, preferably with experience in the field of Fluid Dynamics. Good knowledge of the plastics processing industry and related manufacturing methods is required.

You will be communicating with customers, raw material suppliers and OEM:s as well as with your colleagues in the company on an international level. Excellent communication skills and language skills (local language + English, additional languages are an asset) are therefore expected.

As a person you are a customer oriented and flexible team player with an analytical mind and an ability to work independently. You have an aptitude for finding solutions while applying a systematic and persistent approach in you work.

If you are interested in this position, please submit your application and CV below. For additional information, please contact Senior Headhunter Carl-Johan Sandström at +358 40 524 2590 or carl-johan.sandstrom@inhunt.fi

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