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    Senior Headhunters at InHunt Group: Mr. Kari Serjamaa, + 358 40 750 0206 and Mr. Jan-Erik Lagerström, +358 40 539 4339

European Communications Engineering (ECE) Ltd has been in the front row of adapting and applying wireless technologies since 1998. Today the company has delivered radio planning and optimisation service projects worldwide in 60 countries on all continents. They are proud to set their wide theoretical knowledge and extensive practical experience to be available for any customer need. Despite of request size or complexity they are ready to solve various challenges in the area of wireless networks.

Principal Engineer, Singapore

The most important part of the role for Principal Engineer is to analyze, plan, optimize and solve problems within telecom mobile networks. You will work as a member of a specialist advisory team in Singapore for one of the biggest operators in the market.

You will be successful when you have deep knowledge and experience with LTE Network Architecture, and you can understand Self-Organizing Network (SON) or low latency telecommunication issues. 5G RAN aspects is something that you are are familiar with. Your background is probably Master of Science in Technology or equivalent and you have possibly published academical studies during your career. You are fluent in written and verbal English.

Your personality is result oriented and you have a strong personal acumen. You are independent problem solver who values customer feedback. You have excellent communication skills and you have most likely previously worked in international teams.

You will have a great possibility to live and work in Singapore to build your career forward. ECE is looking for a commitment for 1-2 years time period.

Further information please call InHunt Group Oy Jan-Erik Lagerström, puh. 040-539 4339 or Kari Serjamaa, puh. 040-750 0206. Please send your application latest 27.6.2019 at www.inhunt.fi.


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