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    Senior Headhunter Timo Viljakainen gsm 040 503 5554 or timo.viljakainen@inhunt.fi 

BE Group is a listed company in the state of future-building development. With employees as the primary asset, the company is investing in outstanding personalities to build a solid and prosperous structure. The BE team spirit is defined in terms of engagement, care, loyalty and high ethical standards. BE Group Distribution is now looking for a

Production Manager, who is ready to take the business to the next level.

In the role as a Production Manager you will drive constant development in our steel service center and warehouse units in Lahti. The most important item in your agenda is the safety at the workplace. Alongside the management team you will enable the implementation of the long-term strategies to create growth with continuous profitability. You will perform as a role model leading the personal in a consistent, dynamic and straightforward manner. You will have full responsibility for supply chain from order confirmation to delivery at customer door step.

The total delivery volume is exceeding 60 ktons with 49 employees. Our steel service center focus on the cutting-to-length and slitting operation while the warehouse including two high bay storages delivers hot rolled sheets, engineering steel, stainless steel and aluminium products to our customers either as stock deliveries or preprocessed items.

In the role as a Production Manager you will report to the Business Unit Manager Distribution. Your location will be in Lahti. Communication with internal and external stakeholders is a crucial part of the job in order to take care of customer experience.

We are looking for a production-oriented manager with experience in the B2B industrial sector, preferably linked to the mechanical engineering/distribution industry. You should have experience in modern production management concepts and a proven track record of implementing them successfully. Automation and digitalization of production processes should have a high priority in your agenda.

In addition to Finnish, excellent communication in English language is considered a must.

We expect our ideal candidate to have a captivating personality who performs as a respectful leader and a role model when it comes to coaching, motivation and inspiration.

If you are interested in the job, please apply immediately, or very latest by January 31st 2019. Your application needs to be in English and please include your salary expectation.

For additional information, please contact Senior Headhunter Timo Viljakainen gsm 040 503 5554 or timo.viljakainen@inhunt.fi

BE Group, which is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm exchange, is a trading and service company in steel, stainless steel and aluminum. BE Group offers efficient distribution and value-adding production services to customers primarily in the construction and engineering sectors. In 2017, the Group reported sales of SEK 4.3 billion. BE Group has approximately 700 employees, with Sweden and Finland as its largest markets. The head office is located in Malmö, Sweden. Read more about BE Group at www.begroup.com.


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