InHunt´s outplacement service (InHunt OutPlacement) is an innovative and unique package, consisting of different solutions for terminating an employee´s employment in a responsible manner, guiding the person to new challenges in a controlled way.

InHunt has three conceptualised service models: RePlacement, MovePlacement and SafePlacement.

RePlacement Service


The RePlacement service is ideal for situations when the company has been forced to reduce its work force. RePlacement guides people in finding new opportunities in an easy and efficient way.

Move Placement Service


In MovePlacement the employee stays on the company’s payroll, but move into InHunt’s MovePlacement program for 6 months, with the aim of finding new opportunities on the outside.

Safe Placement service


In SafePlacement the employee makes a new job contract with InHunt Group with equal salary and terms. By doing this the obligations and risks are moved to InHunt.

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