InHunt Group offers also Outplacement services to different situations. For the company benefits of using Outplacement services are:

– Keeping image as a responsible employer, who also bears its responsibility in unpleasant personnel reductions?
– It’s a positive message for the employees remaining in the company the their employer will take care them even in unwanted situations
– Elegantly terminated employment and successful reintegration is the best message for the surrounding environment and former members of the work community
– Reduces possible negative feedback from the media
– Ethical business – even when the company is going through a difficult period


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Replacement service is perfect for the situations when company has been forced to reduce its work force. The goal of replacement is to help people to find new opportunities easy and efficient way.


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Innovative and unique outplacement concept by InHunt Group. In MOVEplacement the employee stays on the company’s payroll but jumps in InHunt’s MOVEplacement program which goal is to find new opportunities outside.


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SAFEplacement is again unique and innovative Outplacement service designed by InHunt Group. In SAFEplacement the current employee makes a new job contract with InHunt Group with same salary and terms he had the previous one with the other company. By doing this all the obligations will move to InHunt and this way the company can again focus to more important things. Investment for SAFEplacement vary between 9 and 18 month salary of employee.