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InHunt World International Headhunting Network is a network which connects top local headhunting companies offering headhunting services from specialists to middle and top level management. From us you will always get the best local headhunting help with cost effective approach.

Globalisation and digitalisation have taken a firm grasp of our business world, which has also meant new requirements for headhunting companies both locally and globally.

InHunt World International Headhunting Network has answered this challenge. We have built a network which connects the best local headhunting companies offering headhunting services from specialists to middle and top-level management. Moreover, we have changed the pricing. With us customers will always pay the real local headhunting market price.


  • +358 40 555 7790
    Casimir Tallqvist, CEO and Partner InHunt World, Senior Headhunter
  • +358 40 754 3966
    Ari Rahkonen, Senior Headhunter
  • Eranda Ymerali, InHunt Albania
  • Thomas Zahlten, InHunt Austria
  • Jiri Brezina, InHunt Czech Republic
  • Xavier Simon, InHunt France
  • Tanja Bodewein, InHunt Germany
  • Alessandro La Rosa, InHunt Italy
  • Julija Lobanovska, InHunt Latvia
  • Valerija Buzeniene, InHunt Lithuania
    Valerija Buzeniene, InHunt Lithuania
  • Florin Buduroi, InHunt Netherlands
  • Filip Skogstad, InHunt Norway
  • Julijana Minovska, InHunt Macedonia
  • Adam Lyko, InHunt Poland
  • Sean Reeds, InHunt Qatar
  • Punita Sareen, InHunt Saudi Arabia
  • Milic Popovic,InHunt Serbia
  • Christian Smith, InHunt Sweden
  • Emir Asanov, InHunt Ukraine

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    InHunt Group was founded in 2008 and is Finland’s largest headhunting company. InHunt Group has eight offices in different locations in Finland. Besides, InHunt Group is the only Finnish headhunting company that has its own International Headhunting Network – InHunt World. InHunt World is active and has partners and offices in over 29 different countries.



    Äyritie 12 C (Forte)
    01510 Vantaa