InHunt Group was founded in 2008 and is Finland’s largest headhunting company. InHunt Group has eight offices in different locations in Finland. Besides, InHunt Group is the only Finnish headhunting company that has its own International Headhunting Network – InHunt World. InHunt World is active and has partners and offices in over 30 different countries.

In Finland our large group of headhunters will ensure that we always provide the right kind of knowledge to solve customer challenges related to recruiting a new person.

In 2021 InHunt Group’s turnover in Finland will be more than six million euros, executing hundreds of direct searches of top management, middle management, and specialists.

We offer two different headhunting services for various purposes:

Executive Search

InHunt is specialized in executive search. It is made unique by our innovative concept conducted every time together with our Senior Advisors and Headhunters specialized in executive search.

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InHunt Headhunting

Our headhunting service is one of the most used in the Finnish market. It’s the most effective and innovative solution for middle management as well as expert-level direct searches. Because of the new technologies and digitalization, our industry has changed a lot and so have we.

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