InHunt Test World

InHunt Test World is a unique solution which has tools for determining competence and ensuring the success of recruitment. We are also able to make a competence analysis on different organisational levels and find out, for example, the skill level of the management team, pointing out the strengths and potential development areas.

BIG FIVE – Personality test

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The Big Five aptitude test is based on the well-known Big Five model. Big Five online test is a fast and reliable way to get valuable information about the applicant.

Connector Ability

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Connector Ability measures the person’s cognitive abilities, e.g. the ability to learn and problem solving. The test provides an excellent way of supporting the decision making in the recruitment process.

Competence Analysis

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Can you say with 100% certainty on what level your management team´s expertise is? Our Competence analysis brings this information in front of you.


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InHunt Group’s unique Directors ranking system. Includes three different areas: competence, management skills and attitude, as well as physical condition.