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Helsinki / Uusimaa

InHunt Group’s Senior Headhunters Tuuli Paasilehto +358 (0)40 631 8777 and Juhana Gyllenbögel +348 (0)440 606 665

Are you seeking a compliance role where you work with cross functional teams across multiple geographies?

We are Compre, a leading legacy specialist with over 30 years of experience in the acquisition and management of discontinued and legacy non-life insurance and reinsurance business. 

We are seeking a COMPLIANCE ANALYST for developing, embedding and maintaining an effective compliance program in Finland.

This is what we offer

We are a company that believes strongly in the wellbeing and development of our people. We are collaborative, progressive, authentic, empowered and value each other and promote a culture of inclusivity, collaboration, accountability, innovation and high performance. If this also describes you, maybe you want to consider us as your next career step. 

We offer a competitive salary and a variety of benefits. Main benefits include annual discretionary bonus, private medical insurance and excellent learning opportunities. 

Your tasks and responsibilities

In this role you will be working closely with colleagues and leaders to implement the Group and the solo entities compliance plan. Staying up to date with all regulatory developments is your key task so that you will be able to prepare assessments on changes in the legal and regulatory environment. You ensure compliance with the Finnish regulatory requirements. You will report to Group Head of Risk and Compliance. 

You will be expected to: 

  • Review on an ongoing basis the policies and procedures within the company making recommendations for improvement 
  • Provide technical assistance on the implementation of the AML framework 
  • Develop and deliver training programs on Compliance-related matters  
  • Deal with Compliance enquiries and assist with day to day compliance and legal related matters   from staff and external parties.

To be considered, we are looking for talented individuals who have

  • Demonstrable experience in Insurance/Reinsurance compliance  
  • A degree or professional qualification of a similar standing in Insurance, Compliance, Business or Law 
  • A strong understanding of Finnish and Solvency II regulatory requirements 
  • A working knowledge of sanctions, AML and broader Financial Crime regulation  
  • have Finnish and English language skills, both written and spoken.

You communication skills are excellent and you have the ability to develop and maintain positive relationships across the business. 

About Compre Group

Compre is an insurance & reinsurance legacy specialist focused on the acquisition and management of discontinued non-life portfolios, With Operations in Bermuda, Finland, Germany, Malta, Switzerland, the UK and the USA.  We have significant experience in all classes of direct and reinsurance business, including property, liability, marine and motor. Compre is privately owned (majority owners are i.e. Cinven and BCI) with shareholders actively involved in management of the business.

Let us hear from you!

Please do not hesitate to ask more from our headhunter team and apply as soon as you can. We will start interviewing suitable candidates immediately! Find out more in

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