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    Senior Headhunter Peter Koistinen t. +358 500 668 633 and Senior Headhunter Juhana Gyllenbögel t. +358 44 060 6665.

Are you an ambitious, data-driven, and evolving modern sales expert, and now you’re looking for a job where you can put all your potential into the game? Do you want to leave your mark on the development of the fast-growing omnichannel sports retailer that promotes well-being for people? If you recognize yourself from this description, then read on!

We are looking for a Sales Director for Kuntokauppa.fi

Kuntokauppa.fi is an omnichannel sports retailer founded in 2007. Our vision is to grow into the best company in the industry in the Nordic countries in terms of customer experience, personnel experience, and profitable growth. Our operations are guided by our dynamic culture that encourages achievement and continuous development, as well as our mission – ”well-being for people”.At the heart of our business model are strong eCommerce expertise, the level of service of the specialty store and the development of the product range. In Finland, our offices are located in Tampere and Tammisto, Vantaa, in addition to operations in Stockholm, Sweden.

To whom is this Sales Director position for?

The position is right for you, if you feel like you are a marketing-minded and omnichannel eCommerce sales growth expert, and now want to showcase your skills. You get results with the ability to manage large-scale development projects in an international organization and make your decisions based on data. In addition, your strong expertise and putting the best solutions into practice, regardless of title, will impress both your own team and inspire confidence in the professionals in our other operations teams.

You can succeed as a Sales Director if:

  • You have a strong expertise in omnichannel e-commerce.
  • You have a strong expertise in increasing sales in retail, eCommerce or corporate sales.
  • You effectively optimize processes and increase sales with data.
  • You lead your organization without micro-managing by monitoring the metrics you have set and by defining clear responsibilities for the roles within your team.
  • In addition to the desire for strong growth, you consider the efficiency and fluency of other operations that may not be under your responsibility when making decisions.
  • You have good oral and written communication skills in English.

What is in the job description?

As a Sales Director, you can work in many ways to build the growth of our omnichannel eCommerce business.

  • In Nordics, you are responsible for developing customer service, in-store operations and corporate sales customer experience and you will also participate in developing store network and eCommerce sales.
  • You will support the development and sales growth of eCommerce and logistics value-added services with your innovative ideas.
  • Together with the Chief Marketing Officer, you will utilize customer data, marketing automation, and other marketing tools to increase the sales of the sales channels you are responsible for and to optimize the customer lifetime value.
  • You are the owner of ICT of ever evolving sales and customer service and responsible for developing software together with the company’s IT experts.
  • You report to the Chief Operating Officer and the Management Team as a member of the Extended Management Team.

What can a Kuntokauppa.fi offer to You?

Kuntokauppa.fi offers to you interesting work assignments, a corporate culture aimed at excellence, and a positive and encouraging, learning-hungry work community of top experts who believe in courageous, data-driven work. You have the opportunity to develop and develop yourself and be part of an exceptionally fast growth story. In addition, you get good and evolving employment benefits.

If this inspired you, then join our journey, do not hesitate, act quickly and tell us more about what kind of colleague you would be and new stuff you would bring with you! Send your application through the link below .

Additional information is provided by InHunt Group Ltd, Senior Headhunter Peter Koistinen t. +358 500 668 633 and Senior Headhunter Juhana Gyllenbögel p. +358 44 060 6665.

As part of the Kuntokauppa.fi´s substance abuse program, a person selected for the position is required to have a negative drug test in connection with a job entrance examination. This small gesture aims to promote staff commitment to work in accordance with the mission and the industry for the well-being, exercising and health of the people.

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