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Senior Headhunter Marita Vuorinen +358 50 486 3848 or Senior Headhunter Arto Lehtimäki +358 40 844 2528

Ekahau helps businesses build and maintain high-performing wireless networks. Our award-winning Wi-Fi design, site survey, and troubleshooting solutions create fast, reliable Wi-Fi networks that businesses can trust for their mission-critical wireless needs. We ensure networks are optimized using the right number of access points, positioned in the right locations, and with the right configurations to deliver awesome Wi-Fi every day. Businesses of every size, including the world’s biggest brands and events, trust Ekahau to get the best performance from their wireless networks.    


We seek a Team Manager for our embedded software products 

In this role, you will lead our team of super-talented software developers, facilitate technical decisions and problem-solving, engage relevant contributors and stakeholders, and communicate status from daily to quarterly time frames. You will also do hands-on coding.  

 Our technology stack is currently battery-operated custom designs portable computing platforms. They contain state-of-the-art system-on-chip (MPSoC) with real and non-realtime CPUs, FPGA, as well as dedicated controllers for various subtasks. Programming languages include C, and Python, and bare-metal in Linux and Yocto environments. To be successful in the job, you are expected also to understand iOS and Android mobile development as well as fundamentals for Windows and macOS development. We will be on the constant path to improving our system architecture. Overall, the system you are responsible for is a complex and computing-intensive real-time platform with lots of dependencies on external components and subsystems. This adds extra flavors to all problem-solving and troubleshooting.  

Your Responsibilities 

  • Line management of about 10 senior internal and external domain experts. Lead, grow, and develop your team. 
  • Participate in the code reviews and improve the workflow and efficiency of the team by continuously improving daily practices and our agile development process. 
  • Balance product development, quality, and scale to meet the demands of our platform as we grow in usage and complexity. 
  • Ensure excellent communication between teams. 
  • Drive the solving of the most complex problems together with the team of domain experts. 
  • Work together with architects, other team leads, and product management to remove the obstacles to delivering desired outcomes. 
  • Coordinate SW deliveries and plan for roadmaps, schedules and releases. 
  • Product Owner role, planning and leading product development. Next projects are e.g. automating WiFi trouble shooting and planning implementation of new technologies.

About You 

  • You can form a strategic vision for the product platform and lead the engineers to get there. 
  • You are analytical and smart about process improvement, defaulting towards data-driven decision-making backed by strong analysis. 
  • You can make longer-term plans and communicate complex issues and progress effectively to people outside your domain. 
  • You are hands-on and familiar with embedded Linux and building complex embedded SW solutions with real-time requirements and close to HW.  
  • You are an experienced Engineer, and you understand what it takes to build products that people love to use. 
  • You have 3 years of experience in managing and coaching engineers and 8+ years building SW systems – most in an embedded context. 


Speak in absolute confidence about this role please contact Senior Headhunter  Marita Vuorinen +358 50 486 3848 or Senior Headhunter Arto Lehtimäki +358 40 844 2528 and send an up-to-date CV to the link enclosed. 

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