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    For more information, please contact InHunt Group Oy, Headhunter Harri Knaapi, Tel. 045 869 8228

AFORE – an AEM company

AFORE is a pioneer in MEMS test equipment and offers a range of advanced test solutions for MEMS devices, including the world’s only commercial Wafer Level test solution for motion sensors. Afore’s test equipment are used in MEMS development and manufacturing in the automotive, industrial, and consumer sectors in Europe, USA and Japan. Afore was founded in 1995 and serves its global customers from its headquarters in Lieto, Finland. www.afore.fi

AFORE is part of AEM Group, taking pride in providing innovative, engineering-focused solutions and developing strong partnerships with customers and associates to cater to their manufacturing needs through our global engineering service support network and innovative people. Currently, AEM has 3 manufacturing plants located in Singapore, Malaysia (Penang), China (Suzhou) and Afore has one in Finland (Lieto).

Through network of sales offices, associates and distributors, AEM and Afore have global market presence spanning Asia, Europe and the United States.

We are looking for


Responsibilities and objectives:

  • Project management and planning guidance
  • Project-specific responsibility for current entities according to the set goals.
  • Goal-based project assurance and goal-oriented production flow and scheduling as well as keeping the planned cost level.

Education, experience and knowledge:

  • Engineering, (electrical / electronical / mechanical)
  • Negotiating skills and collaboration, excellent interaction skills
  • Good project management- and entity management skills
  • ability to adapt to changing situations
  • Self-initiative, entrepreneurial spirit
  • Fluent Finnish, English oral and written
  • "Hands on" attitude
  • Systematic approach to all issues
  • works well with people

For more information, please contact InHunt Group Oy, Headhunter Harri Knaapi, Tel. 045 869 8228

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